Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Over the last 18 months, I’ve only ever felt hurt by South Africans twice.  Interestingly, the wounding came at the hands of white South Africans and both times, it was because of my nationality. Both times, I did not know the people, truly.

I have no say over my nationality and they have no governance over theirs. So why treat someone spitefully because of it? This is MY country, my president, my pain, my history,  my land. Geographical boundaries--seems a strange determiner of friendship; of human bonds.

I want to appreciate what is already here, what is already known. Not in a geographical way. But in a spiritual way. There is a beautiful spirit of people here.  We came to South Africa, not because we thought we were the saviours of it, but because in some way, this was our redemption.

What we would love is if My country became Our country. If by sheer sharing of experiences, we became US. We became WE.

Can we share that experience? Can you tell me of some of the humiliation and let me carry some of it? Can you believe me when I say that I am not my government's foreign policy? Can we move together, forward, and celebrate the best in each of US?

Is there room for WE?

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