Sunday, 13 April 2014

Replacing Majesty with Mediocrity

I finally get it. I've been playing pretend. "What would Jesus do?" "Be like Jesus" "Deny Yourself" "Be little Christs." All good ideas. All pretend.

To be like someone or something is to deny a legitimate, authentic part of you in order to take on attributes of someone else. Part of me must hide in order for this other quality to emerge. We don't need to deny ourselves. We need to recognise ourselves.

We are not merely a reflection; a shadow of what is or what could have been. We carry the I AM. Each of us, a colourful display in the kaleidoscope of Eternity. To imitate, reflect or decrease is to deny the DNA of the Holy and to replace it with something in our understanding, in our image. Each of us carry something of our Creator.

Each one carries something truly only found in us; a coloured fractal in the divine person hood of Christ. Instead of celebrating and recognising these unique glimpses, we copy and paste what is understood by the masses and replicate someone based on our understanding rather than made in His IMAGE-ination.

It replaces majesty with mediocrity.

To deny ourselves is a righteous call to arms, one I have misinterpreted. I have understood it as deny myself, as in deny WHO I AM. Rather, I need not deny who I am, but be aware and deny the things that would keep us asleep, sucking on the lotus flower of conformity.

Instead of denying the person I am, I need to rather deny the doctrines, teachings and lies that seek to quell the storm or put into place, a cookie cutter design that looks just like everyone else.

I want to pursue the ME God made, run with energy into that delight and shine the colour of joy, radiating wakefulness and understanding.

Others will be drawn to it, some will shield their eyes from the brightness, but there will be no denying the source.

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